Funding Education In Lucerne Valley

What is MCCEF?

Mitsubishi Cement Corporation Educational Foundation provides the students of Lucerne Valley School District the opportunity to explore science outside of the classroom by providing supplemental funding for field trips, science camps, as well as scholarships for high school seniors who chose to continue their education in STEM subjects or technical trade schools. We pride ourselves on investing in the future of Lucerne Valley's youth by creating a pathway to the sciences.

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Mini Grants

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Your contributions to Mitsubishi Cement Corporation Educational Foundation enable students to achieve their dreams of higher education while supporting teachers in providing students educational experiences that they cannot achieve in the classroom. The Foundation has paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars in student scholarships and teacher mini-grants.

What is the Mitsubishi Cement Corporation Educational Foundation?

The Mitsubishi Cement Corporation Educational Foundation (Foundation) awards Scholarships on an annual basis to graduates of the Spring Semester and previous awardees who are applying for a subsequent award, in line with the Foundation's annual budget. Each individual is granted their own award. Additionally, the Foundation's Board of Directors (Board) chooses one exceptional scholarship recipient each year to be honored with the Bud Biggs Award, which comes with an additional scholarship amount.

Foundation Scholarships are single-year scholarships for current high school students who live in the Lucerne Valley, are enrolled in a Lucerne Valley Unified School District school or have an approved inter-district transfer (with preference being given for students attending a LVUSD school) and are continuing their education to achieve a degree or certificate in a qualifying academic institution, or career and technical education (“CTE”) program; or, are an existing Foundation Scholarship awardee (Existing Awardee). Existing Awardees may re-apply three times, for a total of up to four (4) consecutive awards, provided they must continue to meet the eligibility requirements and their course of study in a qualifying institution or program is continuous.

Can the state supply our educational needs?

The answer to this question is a resounding no! California budget cuts will affect every state program including the educational programs that affect the students in Lucerne Valley. The goal of the Educational Foundation is to develop and implement programs that will enhance the educational experience currently available to our students, with an emphasis on the natural and applied sciences.

Teachers and programs are being cut, resulting in fewer programs, larger class sizes and a larger student-to-teacher ratio. The Foundation’s emphasis is on providing more scientifically oriented curricular and extra-curricular programs for the District’s students.

The Foundation supplements the State’s programs, helping afford the children of Lucerne Valley greater opportunities for educational enrichment and occupational prospects.

What Happens Now?

The Foundation provides mini-grants for the teachers of Lucerne Valley to purchase equipment and materials for their students that the District is unable to provide, take their students on field trips, and provide other curricular and extra-curricular activities with a focus on natural and applied sciences.

MCCEF also provides scholarships for the students of the Lucerne Valley school district and statewide. Click here more information about the MCCEF Scholarship opportunities, the application process, and a downloadable application form.

How We Have Helped

The MCCEF grant made it possible for students in grades 3rd through 6th to create and install water lines, planters, and plant vegetables to begin the garden that has been there for years now. This garden is an outdoor classroom for all the grade levels to teach science standards and problem solving skills annually. The garden feeds students during school and families during the summer.
Mary Eller
Virtual Academy Teacher 4th, 5th, and 7th
MCCEF has been so generous in helping fund our sixth grade class trip to Disneyland for many years now! Without their help, we would not have been able to continue this field trip due to the rising costs.
Leah Paddack
Sixth Grade Teacher